Important Considerations Before Opting Out

Opting-out, or choosing to have data about you removed from Acxiom's US marketing data products, will have two effects:

  • Reduce the amount of unsolicited marketing offers you receive from companies with whom you have not done business.
  • Reduce the relevance of marketing offers you receive from companies you do have a relationship with that are also Acxiom clients. This is because Acxiom clients use these marketing data products to better understand what offers may be of interest to you.

Which Marketers Will be Impacted by Opting Out?

Your choice to opt out with Acxiom will only impact marketers using our marketing data products.

Therefore, we suggest you also consider opting-out directly from any company that sends you unwanted solicitations or use the Data & Marketing Association's consumer choice services at www.dmachoice.org, which applies to all DMA member companies. Bear in mind that opting out doesn't mean you won't receive any marketing offers or digital advertising.

For Whom is this Opt Out Request Process Intended?

Acxiom's US Online Opt Out Request Process is intended for individual consumer use. "Authorized Agents" under the California Consumer Privacy Act should adhere to a special process, described here.

Acxiom will accept opt outs from qualified third parties. To obtain a copy of Acxiom's third-party qualification criteria, please send an email to consumeradvo@acxiom.com

Helpful Resources

Before opting out we advise you review and download Acxiom's full US Products Privacy Policy, which explains all our privacy practices and your full range of choices. It will help you understand the impact of your opt out.

When will the Opt Out Request Take into Effect?

Your request will be processed within two weeks after you respond to the confirmation email, but it could take some time before the removal of data about you becomes fully effective. Please note that this opt out request is not effective for removal of data that may have been provided to marketers prior to your request. To complete the opt out request online you must provide a valid email address in order to respond to the confirmation email that validates your request. If you do not have a valid email address, you may submit an opt out request by calling us at (877) 774-2094 and following the prompts.

Further Questions About Opting Out?

  • Email: consumeradvo@acxiom.com
  • Phone: 1-877-774-2094
  • Mail:
    Consumer Advocate
    Acxiom P.O. Box 2000
    Conway, Arkansas, USA 72033-9928

Non-US Opt Out

Consumers in other countries wishing to opt out of Acxiom's marketing products should use the following links:

Acxiom does not collect personally identifiable information in all countries, but it may collect anonymous and/or aggregated information in countries other than those set forth above. Countries where Acxiom only collects anonymous or aggregated data are not included on the list of countries described above.

US Consumer Opt Out Form

The information provided on this form will be used only for the purpose of removing information about you from Acxiom's marketing data products.

Opt Out selection information I wish to have the following information about me removed from use in Acxiom's marketing data products.
Who Is Opting Out? I certify that the information provided below relates to a single identity that is one of the following:
Name information Add all variations of your name (i.e. nicknames, former names, married name, common spellings or misspellings)
Phone number information Add all phone number variations
Email information Add all email address variations
Who Is Opting Out? Add all mailing addresses & P.O. boxes variations

By submitting, I accept the terms and conditions of this opt out.